Top 6 attractive places in Vung Tau that tourists can't be skip!

1. Back Beach

Back Beach, Thuy Van beach, or La Plage de Derriere according to French’s name calling way, is a beautiful beach which stretches 8km from Nui Nho to Cua Lap.

Being considered as the most beautiful sandbar in Vung Tau, where tourists can relax, swim in warm water flow or go kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Back Beach composes all entertainment activities and cuisine such as restaurants, cafeteria, renting aquatic equipment, chair and umbrella service. After relaxing on the beach, tourists can stroll along coastline, visit restaurants and enjoy dinner while watching the beautiful sunset.

2. Pig hill

Pig hill, a name recalls curiosity, become attractive locations for young people to take pictures. Because Pig Hill was a rock mine, it owns bumpy rocks and panoramic window connected to Thuy van busy street, Hai Dang and full-view of Vung Tau city.

Located at Bai Sau, Pig Hill still has its own natural scenery beauty. To be at the peak of the hill, tourists can go hiking or go by motorbikes. Entrance is a small canyon on Phan Chu Trinh street. Up the top of Nui Nho, there is Kito God’s Statue spreading arms like protecting the city from the viciscitudes of life.

On the peak of Little Mountain, the statue of Christ the King stands with outstretched arms, overlooking the ocean as if providing shelter and protection for the city from storms and tempests.

Seated on 170 meters height hill from the sea level. the statue is 32 meters high and 18,3 meters wide. Wherever in Vung Tau city you can see the statue. To get to the foot of the monument, you need to climb 900 stairs. After that, conquer 133 stairs to get to the shoulder. Standing there, you can see the full view of the sea.

Kito God’s statue in Vung Tau is alike popular statue of Kito God in Rio de Janeiro. Construction process started in 1974 and finished in 1993.

3. Mui Nghinh Phong

Mui Nghinh Phong or Cap Saint- Jacques in Vietnamese means blowing wind. hay còn gọi là Cap Saint-Jacques trong tiếng Việt có nghĩa là Đón Gió.

With charming scenery, Mui Nghinh Phong is a strip of land that stretches to the sea, is divided into 2 beautiful beaches such as Huong Phong beach and Vong Nguyet Beach. Mui Nghinh Phong is surrounded by shady rows of trees, majestic mountains, towering white marble Kito God’s statue.

Besides admiring the beauty of landscape, taking photos, tourists can also stay overnight by camping and breathing sea’s fresh wind.

4. Cu lao Hon Ba

Cu lao Hon Ba is 200 meters from Mui Nghinh Phong. Tourists can go by boat or walk on mystery rock road underwater. This route only opens when tidal is low normally on 14 and 15 monthly.

Hon Ba, which is 5000m2 wide, is a place that Thuy Long Than Nu shrine located. Every-year, there are 4 offering ceremonies: in January, April, July and October lunar calendar.

5. Hai Dang lighthouse

Hai Dang lighthouse is an attractive landscape for tourists when cọming to this beautiful sea city.

This beacon is also considered as one of the oldest lighthouses in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia. It was constructed by French in 1862, restored and embellished in 1913 to cater for signal task and ship direction across Vung Tau’s beach.

This lighthouse which is in circle shape, 18 meters high, superb on the top of Nui Nho is proud of having a spectacular 360 degree view. Tourists can climb up the top of the beacon following spiral staircase in the middle of the lighthouse. It’s a great idea to stand here and watch the whole scene of the city. Especially, the entrance ticket is free.

6. Xom Luoi market

Xom Luoi market is a location that tourists can’t miss if they have a good taste of seafood. This place is received a lot of positive feedback and introduction on social media about reasonable price and fresh seafood.

The market opens on 5 am and closes at 10 pm every day. The most suitable time for visiting is 3-4 pm when fishing boats are back to the harbor. At that time seafood are all fresh such as shrimps, crabs, squids, octopuses, and all kinds of fish,..etc.

After choosing seafood, tourists can have processing and packaging service with reasonable price.